The WAHPV Octopus Tour

An expedition to find the great octopi herds that once roamed the Dryandra Forrest.

Snottygobble trees of a certain variety.

Setting out on the Octapus Trail. It is on this trail that Des expects to find what remains of the great octopus herds that once gambolled through this forrest.

Cees examines a Snottygobble tree of another variety to see if it habors an octopus.

But it does not.

A small Snottygobble tree of yet another variety. This type of Snottygobble is not capable of hiding octopi.

Des expects to find a herd of octopi over this ridge line.

Frustrated by our inability to find any octopi Cees suspects that they may be hiding under rocks.

This platform was used by lookouts to warn those about of an approach of an octopus herd. Octopi are very vicious and attack without warning.

Wait, is that an Octopus that Des sees?

No. Dissapointed we set out on the return leg to the chant of "we must follow the octopus".

Cees walking alone. This is dangerous. At any moment an octopus could leap out from behind a tree and fell him with one blow!

We arrive back having seen not a single octopus.

We have concluded that the great herds of octopi that once galloped freely through these very forrest exist no more. The Dryandra Park is too small and fragmented to support the octopi.

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