Collaboration diagram for C++/Mechanization/SwathInstrument/Multibeam:


class  ssMultibeamInstrumentFactory
 Generate a Multibeam Instrument of the appropiate type. More...
class  ssMultibeamProcess
 The purpose of this class is to encapsulate the Multibeam process from the instrument data input to, but not including, the vtkPolyDataMapper. More...
struct  ThreadArgs
 This structure is the user data argument with which each thread will be called. More...
class  ssMultibeamProcessMonitor


#define RUN_CYCLE_TAG   1


void ssMultibeamProcessMonitor_TerminateRMI (void *localArg, void *remoteArg, int remoteArgLength, int remoteProcessId)
 Terminate RMI.

Define Documentation

#define RUN_CYCLE_TAG   1

Definition at line 15 of file ssMultibeamProcess.h.

Function Documentation

void ssMultibeamProcessMonitor_TerminateRMI ( void *  localArg,
void *  remoteArg,
int  remoteArgLength,
int  remoteProcessId 

Terminate RMI.

localArg The argument provided by the AddRMI().
remoteArg The argument provied by the TriggerRMI().
remoteArgLength The sizeof(remoteArg).
remoteProcessId The PID of the process issueing the TriggerRMI().