Border Protection Bill


Late on the night of August 29, 2001, the federal government introduced the "Border Protection" bill into the House. The government party is the "Liberal Party" (the miss naming of which is Orwellian). The bill was introduced with no warning.

I find it incredible that a bill like this could be introduced into any democratic parliament. Even more incredible was that anybody would vote for it. Yet it passed the House and failed only in the Senate. In my opinion the fact that passed the House hammers yet another nail in the "Responsible Government" doctrine (assuming there's room for another nail, of course).

The bill is included below. Read it and ask you self whether the people who voted it up can be considered democrats.

The Bill

Voting Record

The House

Ayes............ 73
Noes............ 61
Majority......... 12


NameElectorateParty Affiliation
Abbott, A.J. Warringah NSWLiberal
Anderson, J.D. Gwydir NSWNational
Andrews, K.J. Menzies VicLiberal
Anthony, L.J. Richmond NSWNational
Bailey, F.E. McEwen VicLiberal
Baird, B.G. Cook ,NSWLiberal
Barresi, P.A. Deakin ,VicLiberal
Bartlett, K.J. Macquarie ,NSWLiberal
Billson, B.F. Dunkley ,VicLiberal
Bishop, B.K. Mackellar ,NSWLiberal
Bishop, J.I. Curtin ,WALiberal
Brough, M.T. Longman ,QldLiberal
Cadman, A.G. Mitchell ,NSWLiberal
Causley, I.R. Page ,NSWNational
Charles, R.E. La Trobe ,VicLiberal
Costello, P.H. Higgins ,VicLiberal
Downer, A.J.G. Mayo ,SALiberal
Draper, P. Makin ,SALiberal
Elson, K.S. Forde ,QldLiberal
Entsch, W.G. Leichhardt ,QldLiberal
Fahey, J.J. Macarthur ,NSWLiberal
Forrest, J.A. Mallee ,VicNational
Gambaro, T. Petrie ,QldLiberal
Gash, J. Gilmore ,NSWLiberal
Georgiou, P. Kooyong ,VicLiberal
Haase, B.W. Kalgoorlie ,WALiberal
Hardgrave, G.D. Moreton ,QldLiberal
Hawker, D.P.M. Wannon ,VicLiberal
Hockey, J.B. North Sydney ,NSWLiberal
Howard, J.W. Bennelong ,NSWLiberal
Hull, K.E. Riverina ,NSWNational
Jull, D.F. Fadden ,QldLiberal
Katter, R.C. Kennedy ,QldNone
Kelly, D.M. Dawson ,QldNational
Kelly, J.M. Lindsay ,NSWLiberal
Kemp, D.A. Goldstein ,VicLiberal
Lawler, A.J. Parkes ,NSWNational
Lieberman, L.S. Indi ,VicLiberal
Lindsay, P.J. Herbert ,QldLiberal
Lloyd, J.E. Robertson ,NSWLiberal
Macfarlane, I.E. Groom ,QldLiberal
May, M.A. McPherson ,QldLiberal
McArthur, S. Corangamite ,VicLiberal
McGauran, P.J. Gippsland ,VicNational
Nairn, G. R. Eden-Monaro ,NSWLiberal
Nehl, G. B. Cowper ,NSWNational
Nelson, B.J. Bradfield ,NSWLiberal
Neville, P.C. Hinkler ,QldNational
Pearce, C.J. Aston ,VicLiberal
Prosser, G.D. Forrest ,WALiberal
Pyne, C. Sturt ,SALiberal
Reith, P.K. Flinders ,VicLiberal
Ronaldson, M.J.C. Ballarat ,VicLiberal
Ruddock, P.M. Berowra ,NSWLiberal
Schultz, A. Hume ,NSWLiberal
Scott, B.C. Maranoa ,QldNational
Secker, P.D. Barker ,SALiberal
Slipper, P.N. Fisher ,QldLiberal
Somlyay, A.M. Fairfax ,QldLiberal
Southcott, A.J. Boothby ,SALiberal
St Clair, S.R. New England ,NSWNational
Stone, S.N. Murray ,VicLiberal
Sullivan, K.J.M. Moncrieff ,QldLiberal
Thompson, C.P. Blair ,QldLiberal
Thomson, A.P. Wentworth ,NSWLiberal
Truss, W.E. Wide Bay ,QldNational
Tuckey, C.W. O'Connor ,WALiberal
Vale, D.S. Hughes ,NSWLiberal
Wakelin, B.H. Grey ,SALiberal
Washer, M.J. Moore ,WALiberal
Williams, D.R. Tangney ,WALiberal
Wooldridge, M.R.L. Casey ,VicLiberal
Worth, P.M. Adelaide ,SALiberal


NameElectorateParty Affiliation
Adams, D.G.H. Lyons, TASLabor
Albanese, A.N. Grayndler, NSWLabor
Andren, P.J. Calare, NSWNone
Bevis, A.R. Brisbane, QLDLabor
Brereton, L.J. Kingsford Smith, NSWLabor
Burke, A.E. Chisholm, VICLabor
Byrne, A.M. Holt, VICLabor
Corcoran, A.K. Isaacs, VICLabor
Cox, D.A. Kingston, SALabor
Crean, S.F. Hotham, VICLabor
Crosio, J.A. Prospect, NSWLabor
Danby, M. Melbourne Ports, VICLabor
Ellis, A.L. Canberra, ACTLabor
Emerson, C.A. Rankin, QLDLabor
Evans, M.J. Bonython, SALabor
Ferguson, L.D.T. Reid, NSWLabor
Ferguson, M.J. Batman, VICLabor
Fitzgibbon, J.A. Hunter, NSWLabor
Gerick, J.F. Canning, WALabor
Gibbons, S.W. Bendigo, VICLabor
Gillard, J.E. Lalor, VICLabor
Griffin, A.P. Bruce, VICLabor
Hall, J.G. Shortland, NSWLabor
Hatton, M.J. Blaxland, NSWLabor
Hoare, K.J. Charlton, NSWLabor
Hollis, C. Throsby, NSWLabor
Irwin, J. Fowler, NSWLabor
Jenkins, H.A. Scullin, VICLabor
Kerr, D.J.C. Denison, TASLabor
Latham, M.W. Werriwa, NSWLabor
Lawrence, C.M. Fremantle, WALabor
Lee, M.J. Dobell, NSWLabor
Livermore, K.F. Capricornia, QLDLabor
Macklin, J.L. Jagajaga, VICLabor
Martin, S.P. Cunningham, NSWLabor
McClelland, R.B. Barton, NSWLabor
McFarlane, J.S. Stirling, WALabor
McLeay, L.B. Watson, NSWLabor
McMullan, R.F. Fraser, ACTLabor
Melham, D. Banks, NSWLabor
Morris, A.A. Newcastle, NSWLabor
Mossfield, F.W. Greenway, NSWLabor
Murphy, J. P. Lowe, NSWLabor
O'Connor, G.M. Corio, VICLabor
O'Keefe, N.P. Burke, VICLabor
Plibersek, T. Sydney, NSWLabor
Price, L.R.S. Chifley, NSWLabor
Quick, H.V. Franklin, TASLabor
Ripoll, B.F. Oxley, QLDLabor
Roxon, N.L. Gellibrand, VICLabor
Sawford, R.W. Port Adelaide, SALabor
Sercombe, R.C.G. Maribyrnong, VICLabor
Short, L.M. Ryan, QLDLabor
Sidebottom, P.S. Braddon, TASLabor
Smith, S.F. Perth, WALabor
Snowdon, W.E. Northern Territory, NTLabor
Tanner, L. Melbourne, VICLabor
Theophanous, A.C. Calwell, VICNone
Thomson, K.J. Wills, VICLabor
Wilkie, K. Swan, WALabor
Zahra, C.J. McMillan, VICLabor

The Senate

Ayes............ 30
Noes............ 34
Majority......... 4


NameStateParty Affiliation
Abetz, E. TASLiberal
Alston, R.K.R. VICLiberal
Boswell, R.L.D. QLDNational
Calvert, P.H. TASLiberal
Chapman, H.G.P. SALiberal
Coonan, H.L. NSWLiberal
Crane, A.W. WALiberal
Eggleston, A. WALiberal
Ellison, C.M. WALiberal
Ferris, J.M. SALiberal
Gibson, B.F. TASLiberal
Harris, L. QLDOne Nation
Heffernan, W. NSWLiberal
Herron, J.J. QLDLiberal
Hill, R.M. SALiberal
Kemp, C.R. VICLiberal
Knowles, S.C. WALiberal
Lightfoot, P.R. WALiberal
Macdonald, I. QLDLiberal
Macdonald, J.A.L.NSWNational
McGauran, J.J.J. VICNational
Minchin, N.H. SALiberal
Newman, J.M. TASLiberal
Reid, M.E. ACTLiberal
Tambling, G.E. NTCountry Liberal
Tchen, T. VICLiberal
Tierney, J.W. NSWLiberal
Troeth, J.M. VICLiberal
Vanstone, A.E. SALiberal
Watson, J.O.W. TASLiberal


NameStateParty Affiliation
Allison, L.F. VICDemocrat
Bartlett, A.J.J. QLDDemocrat
Bishop, T.M. WALabor
Bolkus, N. SALabor
Brown, B.J. TASGreen
Buckland, G. SALabor
Campbell, G. NSWLabor
Carr, K.J. VICLabor
Cherry, J.C. QLDDemocrat
Conroy, S.M. VICLabor
Cook, P.F.S. WALabor
Cooney, B.C. VICLabor
Crossin, P.M. NTLabor
Crowley, R.A. SALabor
Denman, K.J. TASLabor
Evans, C.V. WALabor
Faulkner, J.P. NSWLabor
Forshaw, M.G. NSWLabor
Greig, B. WADemocrat
Harradine, B. TASNone
Hogg, J.J. QLDLabor
Hutchins, S.P. NSWLabor
Lees, M.H. SADemocrat
Ludwig, J.W. QLDLabor
Mackay, S.M. TASLabor
McKiernan, J.P. WALabor
McLucas, J.E. QLDLabor
Murphy, S.M. TASLabor
Murray, A.J.M. WADemocrat
O'Brien, K.W.K. TASLabor
Ray, R.F. VICLabor
Sherry, N.J. TASLabor
Stott Despoja, N. SADemocrat
West, S.M. NSWLabor

Court Cases

  • The judgement of the Federal Court in a case brought on behalf of the refugees on the M.V. Tampa.
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